7 Fun Facts About the Animal Kingdom

Discover 7 fascinating facts about the amazing world of animals

Sloths are the slowest mammals on Earth, moving at a speed of about 2 feet per minute

Super Sloths

Electric eels can generate powerful electric shocks, strong enough to stun prey or even knock down a horse

Electric Eels

Skunks defend themselves by spraying a foul-smelling liquid that can linger for days 

Smelly Skunks 

Star-nosed moles have an incredible sense of smell. They use these sensitive organs to navigate underground and locate food like worms and insects.

Star-nosed moles 

Mudskippers are amphibious fish that can survive both in water and on land. They use special fins to move around, even climbing trees.

Mudskipper fish 

The queen bee is the only female in a honeybee hive who can lay eggs. She is responsible for the entire colony's growth and survival.

Queen Bee

Weaverbirds are skilled nest builders, known for their intricate woven nests made from leaves, grass, and other plant materials.


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