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How to Calculate Salary of a Government Employee as per 7th Pay Commission


In 2016, 7th Pay Commission introduced the pay matrix which replaced Grade-pay for calculation of salary of a government employee.

Here, we will calculate salary as per 7th CPC and will take 4600 Grade Pay for calculation of salary.

The main components of salary of salary are Dearness Allowance, Home Rent Allowance and Transport Allowance.

Gross Salary is equal to Basic Pay + Dearness Allowance + Home Rent Allowance + Transport Allowance

Entry Basic Pay of a government employee as per 7th CPC for Grade Pay 4600 is Rs.44900/-. We will calculate salary on this Basic Pay.  

Dearness Allowance

Current rate of Dearness Allowance is 31%. Hence, the DA for Basic Pay Rs.44900/- is Rs.13919/-


Current rates of HRA are 27%, 18% and 9% for X, Y and Z class cities respectively. HRA for X class city is 27% of Rs.44900/- = Rs.12123/-

Transport Allowance

For higher rates of TPTA cities- transport allowance for Basic Pay Rs.44900/- is 3600+ 3600 x current DA = Rs.4716/-

Gross Salary

Gross Salary = Basic Pay + Dearness Allowance + HRA + TPTA = 44900 + 13919 + 12123 + 4716 = Rs.75658/-

Net Salary

Net Salary = Gross Salary - some Govt & Non-govt deductions. Net salary is credited to the bank account of employees. 

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