Earned Leave and EL Encashment 

What is Earned Leave and Encashment of Earned Leave for Central Government Employees

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Earned Leave is most important leave which is available to all central government employees without any term and condition

Earned Leave is also called Privilege Leave and a government employee earns as he works for a specified number of days

15 Earned Leaves are credited in advance on the 1st of January and 15 on 1st of  July every year i.e. a government employee earns 30 Earned Leave in a year

A government employee can take cash in lieu of his Earned Leave balance  and this is called Encashment of Earned Leave or generally EL  encashment.

Two types of EL encashment can be taken by a Government  servant- 1.Encashment of Earned Leave during LTC and   2. Encashment of Earned Leave on retirement

A government employee can avail encashment of Earned Leave during Leave  Travel Concession or LTC maximum number of 60 days in the entire career

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