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Inspector and Tax Assistant Job profile, their Salary and Promotion opportunities in CBDT and CBIC

CBDT - Central Board of Direct Taxe CBIC- Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Custom

Full form of CBDT and CBIC

To become an Inspector or Tax Assistant in CBDT and CBIC, you have to clear SSC CGL exam.


Selected candidates in CBDT are posted in I.T. Department whereas in CBIC, selected candidates can be posted in either GST or Customs.

If the posting of an inspector is in customs, then he may have to work shift-wise but this is not necessary for tax assistants.

The Inspector or Tax Assistant working in the Income Tax Office normally has to work from morning till evening.

Tax Assistant Job Profile in CBDT

Tax Assistants working in CBDT may also have to do some work related to Income Tax.

Tax Assistant working in GST or Custom has to work in Administration, Establishment or Accounts Section only.

In CBDT, generally a TA gets first promotion in 3 to 4 years. Whereas, in CBIC, as per new RR a TA will get first promotion in 10 years.  

In both CBDT and CBIC, first promotion has become very good. In CBIC first promotion to the post of Superintend is better now than before.

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