Top 5 Must-Visit Lagoons in Lakshadweep

Lakshadweep is India's hidden gem. Dive into paradise with these 5 must-visit lagoons

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Kavaratti lagoon whispers serenity. Glide on glass-bottomed boats, marvel at coral reefs, and spot playful fish.

Kavaratti Lagoon

Minicoy's lively lagoon offers snorkeling, dolphin swims, and scuba diving. Explore coral gardens and shipwrecks. Collect seashells, relax on sunny beaches

Minicoy Lagoon

"Bangaram's lagoon is a nature haven. Kayak through emerald waters, see bioluminescent plankton at night, and explore vibrant coral reefs in this guilt-free eco-paradise."

Bangaram Lagoon

Discover Kalpeni's serene lagoon. Dive into clear waters, explore a bird sanctuary, and enjoy the peace of this hidden gem away from the crowds.

Kalpeni Lagoon

Agatti's lagoon is an adventure paradise. Windsurf, parasail, and explore coral reefs. Perfect for adrenaline seekers!

Agatti Lagoon