Leave Travel Concession

Leave Travel Concession Rules for Newly Appointed Government Employee

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A fresh recruit can avail Leave Travel Concession only after completing one year of continuous service.

One year will be calculated from the date of joining on any date in a year and he has to complete one year without break in service.

When you join the government department for the first time then you have to declare your hometown and the same is kept in record.

Declared Home Town by a government servant can be changed in record not more than once during the entire service.

A fresh recruit can avail LTC every year for the first eight years, from  the date of becoming eligible for availing Leave Travel Concession.

A fresh recruit who does not avail LTC facility in a particular year, he  cannot avail it in the next year i.e. carryover of LTC to the next year  is not allowed

If home town and headquarters are same for a fresh recruit, then he cannot avail LTC to home town and he is eligible for all India LTC only.

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