Leave Travel Concession for Government Employees


Under LTC, government employees are reimbursed the expenses incurred in traveling to their hometown or any part of the country.

Home Town LTC-  When a government employee gets reimbursed for travel to his hometown on LTC, it is called Home Town LTC.

All government employees can avail HTC twice in every block of four years and can travel to their hometown with family.

All India LTC-  A government employee can travel with his entire family to any part of the country. This is provided to the employee once in four years.

Unclaimed LTC –  Govt. Employee has to travel for claiming unclaimed LTC in the first calendar year of the next block year or else it lapses.

If you take LTC Advance, you have to submit your LTC claim within one month from the day of completion of the journey.

A Govt. Employee can claim LTC in case of change of job, provided he changes his job within a block of four years.

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