National Bird Day 2024

A day to appreciate our bird buddies and their important role in our world

5th January

On January 5th each year, we observe National Bird Day to emphasize the significance of the small chirps from birds in our ecosystem.

Feathered Harmony

The Avian Welfare Coalition is working hard to let people know about birds captured for money or entertainment

Feathered Justice

National Bird Day started in the U.S. and has been celebrated every January 5th since it first happened in 2002

Wings of Celebration

Even though birds are important, a lot of them are in danger because of things like losing their homes, climate change, and pollution.

Avian Peril

National Birds Day reminds us how important it is to keep our feathered friends and their homes safe.

Avian Appreciation

January 5 was picked because it aligns with the annual "Christmas Bird Count," a holiday celebrated for a long time in the USA.

Why January 5th?

Here are some ways you can celebrate National Bird Day-  Go birdwatching,  Build a birdhouse,  Plant a bird-friendly garden"

How to Celebrate?

1. Reduce your environmental footprint 2. Educate others about bird conservation 3. Advocate for bird-friendly policie

National Bird Day 2024

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