National Consumer Rights  Day 2023

Know your rights, shop confidently: Celebrating National Consumer Rights Day 2023

National Consumer Day is celebrated annually on December 24th in India to promote and celebrate consumer rights

Date and Significance

The Consumer Protection Act of 1986 was enacted to safeguard consumers against exploitation and fraudulence


Consumers have fundamental rights like right to information, safety, choice, and fair redressal

Know Your Consumer Rights

Watch out for misleading claims, hidden charges, and unfair trade practices. Be informed, be cautious

Beware of Unfair Practices

Don't hesitate to lodge complaints if your rights are violated. Consumer forums are there for you 

Speak Up for Yourself

Make informed choices, prioritize quality over impulse buys, and embrace sustainable practices

Choose Wisely, Consume Responsibly

Utilize consumer helplines, websites, and awareness campaigns to stay informed and empowered

Know Your Resources

Join consumer organizations, spread awareness, and advocate for collective consumer rights 

The Power of Consumer Collectives 

Pledge to be an informed, responsible, and empowered consumer for a brighter future

Pledge for a Better Future