Important Things to Note at the time of Resignation from Previous Office to Join New Office in Government Job 

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If you are working in a Govt. office and have been selected for another Govt. Job, then at the time of Resignation from the first job, you should keep some important points in your mind. 

if you are going to join a lower pay level job, then you should resign only after knowing well about your Pay Protection 

Pay Protection

At the time of Resignation you should compare the distance between Hometown and the city of new Office and pay level of new job.  

Home Town vs Higher Pay Level

1. Before Resigning from the first job, make sure to find out what are the opportunities for promotion in the new job

Promotion Opportunities

If there is a transfer opportunity in currently office, then you should definitely keep this in mind at the time of Resignation 

Hometown Transfer Opportunities

You must know about the new place of posting and keep in mind that it is suitable for you and your family 

Place of Posting

If you give Technical Resignation, then you may take some benefits of the current job in the next job you are going to join 

Technical Resignation

It is also an important point to keep in mind that, in some departments, it is not easy to pass the Departmental Exams for promotion.  

Departmental Examination

Nature of work not only affects your lifestyle but also your health. Therefore, definitely compare the nature of work of both the jobs. 

Nature of Work

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