Top 10 Herbs to Grow Indoors Year-Round

Top 10 Herbs to Grow Indoors Year-Round

Here are the top 10 easiest and most rewarding herbs to cultivate in your very own indoor herb garden

Thrives indoors with sunlight and well-drained soil and needs regular watering. Just be sure to pinch off flowers to encourage bushier growth


Refreshing and easy to grow. Just be sure to plant it in a pot with drainage holes, as it loves moist soil.


Parsley prefers indirect sunlight and moist soil. There are curly and flat-leaf varieties, both of which thrive indoors


Chives are low-maintenance and add a mild oniony flavor to dishes. Thrives indoors year-round with minimal care


Thyme needs well-draining soil and enjoys lots of sunshine. Low-maintenance and compact, ideal for indoor growth


This essential pizza and pasta herb is surprisingly easy to grow indoors. Oregano thrives in warm, sunny locations with well-draining soil 


Plant rosemary in well-drained soil with lots of sunlight. Water when soil is dry. It grows indoors and adds flavor to many dishes 


A popular herb in Latin American and Asian cuisine. Cilantro prefers cool temperatures and indirect sunlight. 


Lemon balm likes partly shady spots and damp soil. It spreads fast like mint, so planting it in a pot is a good idea


Want a sweetener you can grow? Stevia is perfect for indoor gardens. It loves sunlight and good soil drainage 


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