Travelling Allowance Rules for  Central Government Employees

Traveling allowance and Daily Allowance are paid to a government employee when he is on an official tour

That means traveling allowance and daily allowance are not part of the salary of a government employee.

Traveling allowance is paid to a government employee in lieu of the expenses incurred in travelling.

Whereas daily allowance is paid in lieu of expenses incurred on food.

Daily allowance per day rates as per Pay Level-  14 & above - 1200/-  12 &13 - 1000/- 9 to 11 - 900/- 6 to 8 - 800/- 5 and below - 500/-

Apart from traveling allowance and daily allowance, accommodation charges are also paid to central government employees

Government employees of Pay Level 8 and below need not submit vouchers  along with Travelling Allowance claim for reimbursement of hotel  expenses.

They only have to clearly mention the duration of stay, name of the hotel etc. in the self-attested Travelling Allowance claim.

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