Quarter Allotment Rules for Central Govt Employees PDF Download

Quarter Allotment Rules for Central Govt Employees : Govt quarter allotment is regulated by a set of guidelines or rules established by the Central Government.

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These rules are designed to ensure that government quarters are distributed as per eligibility of government employees and to prevent any misuse or abuse of the system.

Government Quarters are provided by the central government to its eligible employees for residing. These government quarters are of various types and are provided according to the rank of the government employee.

Some government quarters are provided only to the employees of a particular department, while some are in common pool in which employees of different departments reside.

In this blog post, we will take a closer look at important rules for allotment of government quarters as well as some of the key considerations for those who are looking to apply for a government quarter.

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Quarter Allotment Rules for Central Govt Employees

Quarter Allotment Rules for Central Govt Employees
Quarter Allotment Rules for Central Govt Employees

Some of the important rules related to the allocation of government quarters are as follows-


All Government employees are eligible for government quarters. The type of quarters are allocated to them as per their level in the pay matrix.

Application for allotment of Govt Quarter

A government employee has to give application for govt quarter either online or manually through his office. The applications made manually are still accepted in most of the offices. Quarter allotment application for central govt employees can be downloaded from official websites.

Also we have provided here ‘Application for allotment of Govt Quarter’ –

Further, govt quarter allotment application received by the offices is forwarded to the Directorate of Estates for necessary action.

The government employee has to furnish various particulars in form given by his office and the same is verified by the competent authority in his office.

If any discrepancy in the application is found then the government employee (applicant) and the verifying officer will be liable for furnishing of incorrect information.

In this case a disciplinary action may be taken against both of them and allotment of accommodation may be cancelled if allotment of quarters was done.

So, if you are a government employee and going to apply for accommodation, you must be very careful while furnishing the details.  

If you are going to retire within six months from the date of application then you application will not be entertained.

If Quarters is allotted to Spouse

If government quarters has been allotted to spouse of an officer then he will not be eligible for applying to get government quarters.  But under specific circumstances, the allocation may be made.

If two government employees are residing in government quarters separately and get married each other then they have to surrender one of the accommodations within one month of marriage.

Acceptance and Non-acceptance of Quarters Allotment

When the quarter is allotted, the government employee has to give a letter of acceptance within eight days from the date of allotment of the accommodation. He can give his acceptance letter either online or manually, as per the facility available in his office.

The Government servant can accept the quarter allotment himself or through an authorized representative.

Similarly, even if he does not want to accept the quarter allotment, he has to give a letter of non-acceptance within eight days.

After accepting the quarter allotment by the government employee, he receives a letter of authorization from his office. If he fails in taking possession within five days from the date of receipt authorization letter, he will be debarred to apply for quarters for a period of three months from the date of acceptance. Also, he has to pay normal licence fee for one month.

The same rule will be applied in the case of non-acceptance of allotment of quarters.  

Licence Fee for Government Quarters

The government employees who have occupied government accommodation have to pay licence fee every month which is deducted from their salary by DDO.

This license fee is deducted at a fixed rate which is revised from time to time. At present the license fee is being deducted as per the fixed rate given below which is effective from 01.07.2023

Revised Licence Fee for Residential Quarters w.e.f. 01.07.2023

Revision of Licence Fee rates July 2023 PDF Download

Types of accommodationRange of living area in Sqr. Mtr.Revised rates of Licence Fee (in Rs.)
w.e.f 01.07.2023
IUpto 30210
II26.5 to 50440
III44 to 65660
IV59 to 91.5880
IV(Special)59 to 91.5930
VAUpto 1061650
VBBeyond 1061750
VIAUpto 159.52170
VIBBeyond 159.52590
VII189.5 to 224.53040
VIII243 to 5225430

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