10 Fascinating Facts About Birds

10 Feathery Facts That Will Make You Rethink Everything You Know About Birds

Hummingbirds  are the only birds  capable of hovering in mid-air. These tiny  terrors flap their wings  50-80 times per second


These amazing birds can sprint at speeds of up to 70 km/h, making them the fastest runners among birds


Penguins may waddle on land, but underwater, they are like little torpedoes, speeding up to 35 per Km


Owls are silent hunters with special feathers for quiet flight and facial structures directing sounds. Their superb hearing helps locate prey in the dark


Longest wingspan at 11 feet. Masters of vast journeys, covering thousands of miles for food and nesting. Majestic travellers


Kingfishers can dive 112 ft underwater to catch prey


Toucan beaks may look hefty, but they're lightweight wonders! Their honeycomb-like structure keeps them surprisingly light


Lyrebirds are  famous for mimicking sounds from nature and surroundings with remarkable accuracy


Kiwi birds are unique – flightless, nocturnal, and blessed with a keen sense of smell. They use it to find insects and grubs in the dark forest

Kiwi birds

The Arctic Tern travels over 96,000 Kilometres annually, migrating from the Arctic to the Antarctic and back

The Arctic Tern

National Bird Day 2024

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