SSC CGL Executive Assistant Salary, Job Profile and Promotion


The post of Executive Assistant is a new post in SSC CGL and it is introduced in CGL this year i.e. in 2022.

The post of Executive Assistant comes under Group 'B' and is a Ministerial Staff.

Executive Assistant Post

Earlier the name of this post was Senior Tax Assistant. But after cadre  restructuring, its name was changed to Executive Assistant 

Tax Assistant in CBDT & CBIC is promoted to the post of Executive Assistant (earlier Senior Tax Assistant)  

According to the SSC CGL Notification, the Entry Basic Pay for the post of Executive Assistant is Rs.35400/-.


On the basis of Basic Pay, the Gross Salary of an Executive Assistant working in X  Class City will be around Rs.61000/-. 

Gross Salary

After deducting CGHS, CGEGIS, Professional Tax, NPS  Contribution etc. from Gross Salary he will get Net salary.

Net Salary

Executive Assistant working has to do the work in Admin Section, Establishment or  Account section 

Job Profile

An Executive Assistant is promoted to the posts either in the Ministerial Cadre or in the Executive Cadre 


In the Ministerial Cadre, he first becomes  Administrative Officer and the next promotion is to the post of Chief  Accounts Officer. 

In Executive Cadre, his first  promotion is to the post of Inspector and after that he becomes  superintendent

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