New Rules for Tax Assistant Promotion in CBIC and CBDT

If you are preparing for SSC CGL Exams, then you should know the new rules for Tax Assistant Promotion in CBIC and CBDT.

In recent years, SSC CGL Exam has become very favorite exam for graduate students preparing for government jobs, specially for Inspector and Tax Assistant Job.

Staff Selection Commission conducts Combined Graduate Level Exams almost every year for various posts and through this exam a huge number of vacancies are filled in many departments under government of India.

Among these, the vacancies of Tax Assistant in CBIC (Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs) and CBDT (Central Board of Direct Taxes) are also filled through SSC CGL Exam.

Until a few years ago the post of Tax Assistant was also a demanding post for the students preparing for SSC CGL Exam. Because some such changes have been made specially New Rules for Tax Assistant Promotion which are disturbing those students who are preparing for SSC CGL Exams.

In this article, we are going to tell in detail about New Rules for Tax Assistant Promotion and what changes have been made related to the promotion of tax assistant.

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New Rules for Tax Assistant Promotion

CBIC Board has been increased the promotion period from 3 years to 10 years. Now, as per new Recruitment Rules, a Tax Assistant will be promoted to the Post of Executive Assistant / Senior Tax Assistant on completion of 10 years.

If you are fresher and you have just started to prepare for SSC CGL Exams, you should know this fact first. Since, most of the students are not aware of the recruitment rules and they come to know these rules after joining the department.

If you are already aware of this new recruitment rule and still want to prepare for SSC CGL Exams, then try to score good marks for the post of Inspector or higher than Tax Assistant post.

Even after a lot of hard work if you don’t get the post of Inspector/higher pay level or you get the post of Tax Assistant, then be ready to continue your preparation after joining the office.

After implementation of new Recruitment Rules, we can see that newly recruited Tax Assistants are following this trend. Because they know the fact that as a Tax Assistant upto 10 years no one can make his life better.

So, we have told about the promotion opportunities for Tax Assistant in CBIC and CBDT. If you are getting confused whether you should prepare for SSC CGL exam after knowing this new recruitment rules of TA promotion, then we suggest to go ahead and prepare for the exam.

But keep in mind that if you clear the SSC CGL exam for the post of Tax Assistant, then after joining the office start preparing again to get a better post.

Now we will tell you in brief about the post of Tax Assistant and approximate Gross Salary of a TA posted in X Class city.

What is the post of Tax Assistant in CBIC and CBDT

The post of Tax Assistant in CBDT and CBIC is a ministerial cadre post and comes under Group ‘C’. This post is equivalent to Upper Divisional Clerk.

According to Pay Matrix of the Seventh Pay Commission, this post comes under Pay Level 4 and the pay scale is Rs.25,500/- to Rs.81,100/-. It means the basic pay of newly recruited Tax Assistant is Rs.25,500/-.

The Salary of a newly recruited Tax Assistant will be calculated according to this Basic Pay i.e. Rs.25,500/-. If he is posted in X class city and not staying in any government quarters then his gross salary will be approximately Rs.45000/-.

How to get Tax Assistant job in CBDT and CBIC

If you wan to get Tax Assistant job in CBDT and CBIC then you have to clear the Combined Graduate Level exam conducted by Staff Selection Commission.

As per new SSC CGL Exam Pattern, this exam is conducted in two stages viz Tier-I and II.

The Tier-I and paper-1 of Tier-II Exams are common for all the candidates. In Tier-II, those candidates who have qualified for the post of the Tax Assistant, have to appear for Typing Test.

After qualifying Typing Test, the merit list is prepared on the basis of marks obtained by candidates in paper-1 of Tier-II. If you achieve the prescribed cut-off by the Commission, then you will be selected for the post of Tax Assistant in CBIC or CBDT.

Keep in mind that the cut-off for the post of Tax Assistant in CBDT is higher as compared to CBIC.


It is not easy to get a government job now a days. But if you work hard and continuously prepare for a government job then you will definitely be successful.

In this article we have explained about the Tax Assistant Job in CBIC and CBDT. We have also stated that the period of promotion of a Tax Assistant to the higher post has been increased and now it is 10 years!

As you can see above, the gross salary of a Tax Assistant posted in X class city is approx Rs.45000/-. In this era of inflation, how a government employee can manage his expenditures and give a better life to his family members in metro cities.

You know that most of the students who prepare for government jobs come from North India. Some of them are posted in South regions which are very far from North regions. Also, it is not easy to get transfer to hometown in CBIC.

In this situation, for a tax assistant who is posted far away from his hometown, the travel expenses are an additional financial burden on him.

So, we suggest that if your are fresher and preparing for SSC CGL Exams then try to score good marks and get higher post. If you have cleared this exam for the post of Tax Assistant and recently joined any office, the be ready to prepare again for next exam.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is tax assistant a gazetted officer?

No, tax assistant is not a gazetted officer in CBIC and CBDT. It comes under group ‘C’ posts.

Can Tax Assistant become Income Tax Inspector?

Yes, Tax Assistant posted in CBDT can be promoted to the post of Income Tax Inspector. But according to the new recruitment rules, now it will take a total of 15 years to go from the post of Tax Assistant to Income Tax Inspector.

Is Tax Assistant a Group C post?

Yes, Tax Assistant comes under Group C in CBIC and CBDT and it is a clerical post.

What is the grade pay of tax assistant?

The Grade Pay of Tax Assistant is Rs.2400/- and as per 7th CPC, the Entry Basic Pay of Tax Assistant is Rs.25500/-.

What is the salary of tax assistant in SSC CGL?

If a Tax Assistant is posted in X class city, his Gross Salary is approximately Rs.45000/-

What is the role of tax assistant?

Tax Assistant is a clerical post and he has to deal with work related to Admin, Establishment and Account.

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