GST Inspector Salary as per 7th CPC in 2024

GST Inspector Salary ranges from Rs.72,000 to Rs.83,000 per month at the entry level. This is Gross Salary per month.

GST Inspector Salary can vary based on several factors including location (city of posting), House Rent Allowance (HRA), Transport Allowance (TA).

Here is a breakdown of a GST Inspector Salary in CBIC (Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs):

  • Entry Basic Pay: Rs.44,900 per month
  • Allowances:
    • Dearness Allowance (DA): 46% of basic pay (subject to change)
    • House Rent Allowance (HRA): Depends on the city of posting (can range from 9% to 27% of basic pay)
    • Transport Allowance (TPTA): Ranges from Rs.2628 to Rs.5256 per month
    • Other allowances if any.

Taking these allowances into account, the Gross Salary for a GST Inspector can range from Rs.72,000 to Rs.83,000 per month depending on the city.

GST Inspector Salary in X Class Cities

Basic Pay44900
Dearness Allowance (46% of Basic Pay)20654
House Rent Allowance (HRA)12123
Transport Allowance (TPTA)5256
Gross Salary82933

GST Inspector Salary in Y Class Cities

Basic Pay44900
Dearness Allowance (46% of Basic Pay)20654
House Rent Allowance (HRA)8082
Transport Allowance (TPTA)2628
Gross Salary76264

GST Inspector Salary in Z Class Cities

Basic Pay44900
Dearness Allowance (46% of Basic Pay)20654
House Rent Allowance (HRA)4041
Transport Allowance (TPTA)2628
Gross Salary72223

GST Inspector Salary per Month Calculation (Gross and In-Hand)

As you know, according to the 6th CPC, the GST Inspector Grade Pay was Rs.4600/- and the Pay Band was Rs.9300-34800.

To calculate the GST Inspector Salary as per 7th CPC, first we have to find Pay Level and Cell in Pay Matrix for Grade Pay Rs.4600/-. After that we will get Entry Basic Pay of newly appointed GST Inspector.

According to the Pay Matrix of the Seventh Pay Commission, the Basic Pay for this post ranges from Rs.44,900 to Rs.142400. Therefor, the Entry Basic Pay of a GST Inspector is Rs.44900/- which comes in Pay Level 7 and Cell 1 as per 7th CPC Pay Matrix.

On the basis of this Basic Pay i.e. Rs.44,900/-, we will calculate the Gross Salary of a GST Inspector who is newly appointed in CBIC department.

So first of all we see the place of posting of that Inspector. Because the allowances received under the salary of a government employee varies according to the city.

Here we are assuming that the posting of GST Inspector is done in any X class city. So now let us calculate the salary of the said GST Inspector.

Calculation of GST Inspector Salary for X class cities-

Basic Pay = 44900/-

DA(Dearness Allowance)= 46% of 44900/- = Rs.20654 (Since present DA is 46%)

Transport Allowance (TPTA) = Pay Level 3 to 8 employee for X class city Transport Allowance = 3600+ 3600 x Current DA = 3600+3600 x 46% = Rs.5256

HRA (Home Rent Allowance) = 27% of 44900/- = 12123/-

Gross Salary = Basic Pay + DA + TPTA + HRA = 44900 + 20654 + 5256 + 12123 = Rs.82933

But the Gross Salary is not credited to the bank account of any government employee.

When you see GST Inspector salary slip, there are some government and non-government deductions, which are deducted from Gross Salary. After doing these deductions, the net salary is credited to the account of that government employee.

The deductions like Pension Deduction(NPS), CGHS, CGEGIS etc. are Government Deductions and the deductions like Professional Tax are Non-Government deductions.

Another thing is that if that GST Inspector lives in any Government Quarters, then he will not get HRA. Now according to the above calculation, his gross salary will be – Rs.70810

So, we can say after deductions like NPS, CGHS, CGEGIS etc from gross salary, GST Inspector salary in hand will be around Rs.68000/- per month.


In summary, GST inspectors under CBIC receive a salary package that includes a basic pay and various allowances such as DA, HRA, and TPTA, depending on their posting location.

Gross salaries range from Rs.72,000 to Rs.83,000 per month.

Deductions like NPS, CGHS, and Professional Tax are applied, affecting the net salary, which typically amounts to around Rs.68,000 per month.

Despite variations based on allowances and deductions, the position offers a stable income and opportunities for career advancement, making it an appealing choice for those interested in taxation enforcement.

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  1. Very well elevorated & nicely explained article for GST Inspectors & their further growth in the Department with grade of pay and job profile.

  2. To a maximum level information is rightly mentioned except for promotion a GST Inspector can become Maximum to Assistant Commissioner and there is no promotion after the rank of Assistant Commissioner, and for Superintendent the time period is different for different states one can become Superintendent after 3 years in Chennai/mumbai but in Jaipur or Lucknow it will take more than a decade.


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