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List of Scientists and Their Inventions

Scientists and Their Inventions
Scientists and Their Inventions

Throughout history, scientists and their incredible inventions have changed the way we live and understand the world. These amazing individuals have come up with brilliant ideas that have shaped our daily lives. From simple yet essential inventions like the light bulb and telephone to complex discoveries in medicine and space exploration, scientists have left an indelible mark on humanity.

Sl. No.ScientistInvention
1Isaac NewtonLaws of Motion and Universal Gravitation
2Albert EinsteinTheory of Relativity
3Thomas EdisonElectric Light Bulb
4Alexander Graham BellTelephone
5Marie CurieRadioactivity and Polonium/Radium Discoveries
6Nikola TeslaAlternating Current (AC) System
7Galileo GalileiTelescope and Observations of Planets
8James WattSteam Engine
9Charles DarwinTheory of Evolution
10Louis PasteurPasteurization and Vaccination
11Guglielmo MarconiWireless Telegraphy (Radio)
12Johannes GutenbergPrinting Press with Movable Type
13Benjamin FranklinLightning Rod and Bifocal Glasses
14Alexander FlemingPenicillin
15Alessandro VoltaElectric Battery
16Wilhelm RoentgenX-rays
17Wright BrothersAirplane
18Grace HopperCOBOL Programming Language
19Dmitri MendeleevPeriodic Table of Elements
20Louis BrailleBraille Writing System
21Alexander BellHydrofoil Boat
22Leonardo da VinciFlying Machine and Various Inventions
23John Logie BairdTelevision
24Carl BenzAutomobile (Gasoline-Powered Car)
25Enrico FermiNuclear Reactor and Controlled Nuclear Chain Reaction
26Hedy LamarrFrequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (precursor to Wi-Fi)
27Samuel MorseMorse Code and Telegraph
28Jonas SalkPolio Vaccine
29Robert H. GoddardLiquid-Fueled Rocket
30C.V. RamanRaman Spectroscopy
31Alfred NobelDynamite and Nobel Prizes
32Johannes KeplerLaws of Planetary Motion
33Linus PaulingDNA Structure and Protein Structure
34Benjamin ThompsonModern Thermodynamics
35Grace Murray HopperComputer Programming and COBOL
36Richard FeynmanQuantum Electrodynamics
37Gerty Cori and Carl CoriCori Cycle (Metabolic Pathway)
38Edwin HubbleHubble Space Telescope and Hubble’s Law
39Rachel CarsonEnvironmental Conservation and Silent Spring
40Charles BabbageAnalytical Engine (early mechanical computer)
41Ada LovelaceFirst Computer Programmer
42Rosalind FranklinX-ray Diffraction and DNA Structure
43Michael FaradayElectric Generator and Electromagnetic Induction
44Charles GoodyearVulcanization of Rubber
45Robert KochBacteriology and Tuberculosis Research
46John Bardeen, Walter Brattain, and William ShockleyTransistor
47Robert Noyce and Jack KilbyIntegrated Circuit (Microchip)
48Charles Townes, Arthur Schawlow, and Theodore MaimanLaser
49Werner HeisenbergUncertainty Principle and Quantum Mechanics
50Erwin SchrödingerSchrödinger Equation and Wave Mechanics
51Dmitri IvanovichPeriodic Law and Discovery of the Noble Gases
52Barbara McClintockGenetic Transposition and “Jumping Genes”
53Francis Crick and James WatsonDNA Double Helix Structure
54Albert Sabin and Jonas SalkOral and Polio Vaccines
55James Clerk MaxwellElectromagnetic Theory and Maxwell’s Equations
56Gregor MendelLaws of Inheritance (Mendelian Genetics)
57Edwin LandPolaroid Camera
58Louis DaguerreDaguerreotype (Early Form of Photography)
59Joseph ListerAntiseptic Surgery
60Ivan PavlovClassical Conditioning (Pavlovian Conditioning)
61Max PlanckQuantum Theory and Planck’s Constant
62Henri BecquerelRadioactivity
63Thomas Alva EdisonPhonograph and Motion Picture Camera
64Heinrich HertzElectromagnetic Waves (Hertzian Waves)
65Sigmund FreudPsychoanalysis
66Karl LandsteinerBlood Groups and Discovery of Blood Transfusions
67Alan TuringTuring Machine and Early Computer Science
68Thomas Hunt MorganChromosomes and Drosophila Genetics
69Edwin H. ArmstrongFM Radio
70Claude ShannonInformation Theory and Digital Circuit Design
71Willem EinthovenElectrocardiogram (ECG or EKG)
72Tim Berners-LeeWorld Wide Web (WWW) and HTML
73Edmond HalleyHalley’s Comet
74A. CelsiusCentigrade scale
75Auguste Lumiere and Louis LumiereCinema
76A.L. BreguetWatch
77Ernst AlexandersonRadio transmitter
78Alfred BinetI.Q. Test
79Andre-Marie AmpereGalvanometer
80Antoine Laurent LavoisierRevolution in Chemistry
81ArchimedesSpecific Gravity
82Benjamin Franklin GoodrichZipper
83Niels BohrElectron Theory
86Amedeo AvogadroAvogadro’s Hypothesis
87Niels Bohr and Ernest RutherfordAtomic Structure
88Paul CornuHelicopter
89Christiaan HuygensClock (Pendulum)
90Christopher Latham SholesTypewriter
91Chandrasekhara Venkata RamanCrystal Dynamics
92Casimir FunkVitamin B1
93Henry CavendishHydrogen
94James ChadwickNeutron
95Chester CarlsonXerox Machine
96Nicolaus CopernicusSolar System
97Charles-Augustin de CoulombFundamental Laws of Electric Attraction
98Gottlieb DaimlerAutomobile
99John DaltonAtomic Theory, Laws of Multiple Proportion
100Lee de ForestFilm (with Sound)
101Richard Jordan GatlingMachine Gun
102Wallace H. CarothersNylon
103William Stokes and René LaennecStethoscope
104Paul Hermann MüllerDDT
105Elisha Graves OtisLift
106Edward JennerVaccination
107Edward TellerHydrogen Bomb
108Christiaan EijkmanBeri-Beri
109Emil FischerOrganic Chemistry
111Evangelista TorricelliBarometer
112Frederick BantingInsulin
113Gabriel FahrenheitFahrenheit Scale, Mercury Thermometer
114Michael FaradayInduction of Electric Current
115Michael FaradayLaw of Electrolysis
116Robert FultonSteamboat
117George BradshawScooter
118George EastmanCamera
119Harold Stephen BlackElectric Iron
120Samuel HahnemannHomeopathy
121William HarveyBlood Circulation
122Frederick Gowland Hopkins and Casimir FunkVitamins
123Hsing Ping and Ling-TsanMechanical Clock
124John FroelichTractor
125James Harrison and Alexander CatlinRefrigerator
126Jean-Baptiste LamarckFoundations of Biology
127Jean PiagetChild Development
128John HarrisonChronometer
129John Jacob ParkerBall-Point Pen
130John NapierLogarithmic Tables
131John von NeumannModern Computer
132Joseph AspdinCement
133Joseph John ThomsonElectron
134Alan EmtageSearch Engine
135Rouzbeh YassiniCable Modem
136Quentin Stafford-Fraser and Paul JardetzkyWebcam
137Donald L. Hings and Alfred J. GrossWalkie Talkie
138Bob Kahn and Vint CerfTCP(Transmission Control Protocol) and IP(Internet Protocol)
139Ray TomlinsonE-mail
140Larry Page and Sergey BrinGoogle
141Adam OsbornePortable computer
142Dennis RitchieC Language
143Ken Thompson and Dennis RitchieB Language
144Guido van RossumPython programming language
145Bjarne StroustrupC++ programming language
146Mark ZuckerbergFacebook
147Jerry Yang and David FiloYahoo
148Ivan A. Getting, Roger L. Easton and ParkinsonGPS

List of Indian Scientists and Their Inventions

Sl. No.ScientistContribution
1C.V. RamanRaman Spectroscopy and Raman Effect
2Jagadish Chandra BoseRadio and Microwave Optics
3Srinivasa RamanujanNumber Theory and Ramanujan Summation
4Vikram SarabhaiSpace Research and Indian Space Program
5Venkatraman RamakrishnanRibosome Structure and Nobel Prize in Chemistry
6A.P.J. Abdul KalamMissile Technology and India’s Missile Program
7Subrahmanyan ChandrasekharAstrophysics and Chandrasekhar Limit
8Amartya SenWelfare Economics and Development Economics
9Har Gobind KhoranaDNA Research and Nobel Prize in Physiology/Medicine
10Satyendra Nath BoseBose-Einstein Statistics and Bose-Einstein Condensate
11M. S. SwaminathanGreen Revolution and Agricultural Science
12Meghnad SahaSaha Ionization Equation and Astrophysics
13Shanti Swarup BhatnagarChemistry and Founder of CSIR
14Raghunath Anant MashelkarPolymer Science and President of INSA
15Raja RamannaNuclear Physics and Pokhran Nuclear Tests
16Chandrasekhara Venkata RamanRaman Spectroscopy and Nobel Prize in Physics
17G. N. RamachandranRamachandran Plot and Protein Structure
18Shinya Yamanaka and Sir John GurdonInduced Pluripotent Stem Cells and Nobel Prize in Physiology/Medicine
19Man Mohan SharmaChemical Engineering and Polymer Science
20Raghavendra GadagkarSocial Insect Behavior and Evolutionary Biology
21Anil KakodkarNuclear Technology and Chairman of AEC
22Ashoke SenString Theory and Theoretical Physics
23Raj ReddyArtificial Intelligence and Robotics
24Harish ChandraRepresentation Theory and Mathematics
25Sam PitrodaTelecom Innovations and Rural Development
26C. R. RaoStatistics and Multivariate Analysis
27M. VisvesvarayaEngineering and Architecture
28Homi Jehangir BhabhaNuclear Physics and Founder of Tata Institute of Fundamental Research
29Pranav MistrySixthSense Technology and Gesture Recognition
30SushrutaSushruta Samhita and Ancient Surgery
31AryabhataAryabhatiya and Mathematics
32Acharya KanadAtomic Theory and Early Atomism
33Shrinivas KulkarniAstrophysics and Co-discovery of Exoplanet
34Shanta ChatterjeeLeukemia Research and Hematology
35Prafulla Chandra RayChemical Science and Bengal Chemicals

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