World Tourism Day 2023: Date, History, Theme and Significance

World Tourism Day 2023: Every year, on September 27th, people from all around the world join together to celebrate World Tourism Day. This special day reminds us how important tourism is for our global economy, our different cultures, and our planet’s health.

Its goal is to make people more aware of how tourism affects our society, cultures, the environment, and the economy. It shows us the strong connections we have with tourism and how it changes our world in many ways.

It’s a time to stop and appreciate how beautiful our world is, how diverse our cultures are, and how crucial it is to travel in a way that doesn’t harm the environment.

Tourism plays a crucial role in the global economy, generating trillions of dollars in revenue annually and providing millions of jobs worldwide. It’s a positive force that brings people from diverse backgrounds closer, fostering cultural exchanges and promoting peace and understanding among nations.

However, for all its benefits, tourism can sometimes have negative consequences when not managed sustainably. Overcrowding in popular tourist destinations can strain local resources and infrastructure, leading to a less enjoyable experience for both tourists and residents.

Pollution, both environmental and cultural, can harm the very attractions that draw visitors. Additionally, the exploitation of local communities can perpetuate social and economic inequalities. Therefore, responsible and sustainable tourism practices are essential to ensure the long-term well-being of both destinations and their inhabitants.

World Tourism Day 2023

In this blog post, we will talk about the history and meaning of World Tourism Day 2023. We will also look at the good and bad things about tourism and how we can make our travels better for everyone.

The Origins of World Tourism Day

World Tourism Day was established by the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) in 1980. The date, September 27th, was chosen to commemorate the adoption of the UNWTO’s statutes in 1970. This event marked a significant milestone in the world of tourism as it recognised tourism as a vital sector of the global economy.

The theme of World Tourism Day 2023

The theme of World Tourism Day 2023 is “Tourism and Green Investment”.

Green investment in tourism can help to reduce the sector’s environmental impact and make it more sustainable. This type of investment can include investing in renewable energy, energy efficiency, water conservation, waste management, and sustainable transportation.

Why Green Investment in Tourism is Important

Green investment in tourism can also have a number of benefits, such as:
• Creating jobs: Green investment in tourism can create jobs in the construction, operation, and maintenance of sustainable tourism infrastructure.
• Boosting local economies: Green investment in tourism can help to boost local economies by supporting local businesses and suppliers.
• Attracting more tourists: Tourists are increasingly interested in sustainable tourism destinations. Green investment can help to make destinations more attractive to these tourists.

The Need For Green Investment in Tourism

The tourism sector is facing a number of challenges, including climate change, over tourism, and inequality. Green investment can help to address these challenges and build a more sustainable and resilient tourism sector.
Green investments in tourism can include investments in:
• Renewable energy and energy efficiency
• Waste management and water conservation
• Sustainable transportation
• Biodiversity conservation and ecosystem management
• Local community development

Benefits of green investment in tourism

Green investment in tourism can have a number of benefits, including:
• Reducing greenhouse gas emissions and other environmental impacts
• Creating jobs and generating economic revenue
• Protecting and conserving natural and cultural heritage
• Supporting local communities
• Enhancing the visitor experience

Examples of Green Investment in Tourism

There are a number of examples of green investment in tourism around the world. For example:
• In Costa Rica, the government has invested in a number of initiatives to promote sustainable tourism, such as the creation of national parks and protected areas, and the development of sustainable tourism infrastructure.
• In the Maldives, the government is working to develop a sustainable tourism industry that is resilient to climate change. This includes investing in renewable energy, water conservation, and coastal protection.
• In Spain, the government has launched a number of programs to promote sustainable tourism, such as the Green Hotels program, which provides financial incentives to hotels that implement sustainable practices.

How to Celebrate World Tourism Day 2023

There are many ways to celebrate World Tourism Day 2023. Here are a few ideas:

  • Learn more about sustainable tourism: Visit the World Tourism Organization website to learn more about sustainable tourism and the importance of green investment.
  • Support sustainable tourism businesses: When planning your next vacation, look for sustainable tourism businesses. These businesses may be certified by a sustainable tourism organization, or they may have implemented their own sustainable practices
  • Volunteer your time to a sustainable tourism organization: There are many sustainable tourism organizations that need volunteers. You can volunteer to help with things like trail maintenance, beach cleanups, or educational programs.
  • Spread the word about sustainable tourism: Talk to your friends and family about the importance of sustainable tourism. Encourage them to support sustainable tourism businesses and to learn more about sustainable travel practices.


As we celebrate World Tourism Day 2023, let us reflect on the incredible beauty and diversity of our planet. Let us appreciate the positive contributions of tourism while acknowledging its challenges. Most importantly, let us commit to being responsible travellers and advocates for sustainable tourism. Together, we can ensure that future generations have the opportunity to explore the wonders of our world, just as we do today.

Green investment in tourism is essential for building a more sustainable and resilient tourism sector. By investing in renewable energy, energy efficiency, waste management, water conservation, sustainable transportation, biodiversity conservation, and local community development, we can create a tourism sector that delivers for people and planet.

On World Tourism Day 2023, let us all commit to supporting green investment in tourism. Together, we can build a better future for tourism and for the world.

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