Important Things to Note While Joining Government Office for the first time

If you are going to join a Government Office, there are many important things to note while joining government office.

These points become more important for those candidates, who have got selected for a government job and going to join a government office for the first time.

Because, they don’t know a single thing about government office and their procedures. So, they must know all important things before joining a government office.

In this article we are going to explain briefly some important things to keep in mind while joining a government office.

So, let us see what are the important things to be kept in mind while joining the government office.

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Important things to note while joining Government Office

Reach office on time:

Try to reach the office before noon on the day of joining the government office. That is, join the office in Forenoon.

If you joins the officer in Forenoon, you may get some benefits during your service period. You will not get these benefits immediately but during service period, somewhere you may get benefits.

So, try to join office in Forenoon not in Afternoon. Otherwise that day (joining day) will be calculated as half day and in government job, half of a day is very important.

Also, in Service Book, it is written the date of joining with Forenoon or Afternoon.

Carry all your original documents with you:

Carry all your documents with you at the time of joining the Government Office. All these documents should be original i.e. do not carry only xerox copy of your documents.

If you keep xerox copy with you then it is even better, although there is facility to do xerox copy in any office so it is not that important for you.

Keep these documents in a folder so that they can be easily displayed when needed. Also your documents remain safe.

Resignation from previous office:

There are many such candidates who are already working in a government office and want to leave for some reason or if they are selected for a better post.

Such a candidate has to resign from his old office before joining the new government office. Because no person can work in two government offices simultaneously, i.e. he cannot get salary from two offices.

While giving resignation in the old office, keep in mind that give a technical resignation, due to which the period of working in the old office, i.e. the service period, is added on joining the new office.

This maintains your seniority in the government department. Its benefit is available in many places in the government office.

Another advantage of Technical Resignation is that your Earned Leave is also added to the new office. Therefore, if there is no compulsion, then try to join the new office by giving Technical Resignation in the previous office.

We will tell about Technical Resignation in detail in another article.

Give information about the exams you have applied:

This is the most important information to be given at the time of joining the Government Office. Important because you could provide other information to the office later and it would not harm your service in future.

But if you do not give information about any applied examination, then it could cause problems for you later.

If you have already applied for any exam and you have not informed the office, then after getting selection most probably you would not get technical resignation. But it completely depends on your office in which you are working currently.

Even your Technical Resignation may face problems. If the Head of Office does not accept your Resignation then you cannot join the new office. As already mentioned that no person can work in two offices at the same time.

Therefore, while joining any government office, inform the office about all the exams for which you have applied and also inform about those for which any result is going to come.

How to inform the office about it, it varies office to office. In some offices you have to fill up all details in a prescribed format and in some offices you have to intimate by a letter addressing the Head of Office.

Give information about your Dependents:

Any member of your family can be your dependent under certain terms and conditions. It can be anyone, such as your parents or your siblings.

At the time of joining, the office must be informed about such member/members. There is a form to submit details of dependents of a government officer. Just you have to fill-up that form and give to concerned officer.

Later, this form will be signed by the Head of Office and kept in your Service Book.

Although you can inform the office later, but it would be better for you to inform the office at the time of joining.

Know about NPS (New Pension Scheme) thoroughly:

This is kind of a post-joining job, but so important that you should be aware of it immediately after joining.

NPS means New Pension Scheme and since it is related to your pension it becomes very important.

Under this scheme, the department deducts some part from your salary, which is 10% of the sum of your basic and DA. The government invests some percentage of this share in mutual funds.

It is already in the form that in which fund your money will be invested. If you want, you can replace them with any other mutual fund if you wish.

But for this, you should have information about mutual funds. By the way, your money is invested by the government in those mutual funds so that you do not suffer any loss. Still you can change it as per your wish.


Whenever you join a new office, keep some important things in your mind. 

In this article we have discussed about some points you should keep in your mind while going to join any government office.

If you keep the above mentioned points in mind then you can avoid the mistakes made at the time of joining. This article becomes even more important for the candidates who are going to join any government office for the first time.

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