Resignation from Previous Office to Join New Office in Government Job

Resignation from Previous Office to Join New Office in Government Job – If you are a Government Employee and have been selected for another Government Job, then you must be thinking for Resignation from the first job.

Changing jobs can be a difficult decision, especially when it comes to government positions. However, there are many reasons why someone may choose to resign from their current office and move on to a new one.

But at the time of Resignation from the first job, you have to keep some important points. If you do not keep these important points in mind while resigning from previous office, you might lose some benefits during your service period.

Here we are going to give information about these important things, which is very important to keep in mind at the time of Resignation from the previous office. In this post, we will explore some of the common reasons for making this decision, as well as the steps that need to be taken to ensure a smooth transition.

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Important Things to Note at the time of Resignation from Previous Office to Join New Office in Government Job

Resignation from Previous Office to Join New Office in Government Job
Resignation from Previous Office to Join New Office in Government Job

Pay Protection

Mostly it has been seen that a person resigns from his previous government job only when he has got a higher pay level job.

But sometimes, even after being selected at a lower pay level, some people give resignation from the previous government job. These people resign their previous office considering some conveniences. This is their own personal matter.

If this situation is also with you, then definitely you should think about your Pay Protection. Here we explain briefly the meaning of Pay Protection.

Suppose you are working on a higher Pay Level post and your selection has been done to a lower Pay Level post. In such a situation, if you resign, you will be given a higher pay level salary even if you go to a lower pay level.

But it has some Terms & Conditions. We will not discuss about these terms and conditions here. But you must keep this thing in mind at the time of Resignation from the first job.

You should resign only after knowing well about your Pay Protection.

Home Town vs Higher Pay Level:

Sometimes some Government Employees do not think about their posting in Hometown at the time of Resignation from their previous job. 

In such a situation, if the distance of the office, where they are going to join, is too much from their hometown and then they face many problems.

This becomes even more important for those who are taking care of all the responsibilities in their home. Therefore, never ignore the fact that the distance from hometown to your new place of posting is equally important as the higher pay level.

We have also seen such Government Employees who left their hometown for the post and pay level and now regretting their decision. Because they have to go home again and again and leave balance cannot be maintained.

Therefore, at the time of Resignation from the first job, definitely keep in mind the distance between Hometown and the city of Office.

Promotion Opportunities:

Before Resigning from the first job, make sure to find out what are the opportunities for promotion in the new job.

Sometimes the job you are currently doing may not be of good grade pay but there are more opportunities for promotion.

If there are good opportunities for promotion in the second job as well, then only you should think about Resignation from the first job. If after a few years there is a good promotion in the first job itself, then leaving it will not be so wise.

Hometown Transfer Opportunities:

It is very important in government job. Most of the Government Employees who are working outside the hometown, they want that after working for a few years, they should be transferred to their hometown.

There are many such government department in which transfer is done easily. But in some department one has to wait for years or he has to spend the entire service period at the present place of posting.

For example, transfer opportunities are available only after working for a few years in the Income Tax Department, while transfer has been stopped in many zones in the GST Department.

If there are good opportunities for transfer in the department you are working currently, then you should definitely keep this in mind at the time of Resignation from this job.

Keep in mind the Place of Posting:

This is very important for those people who want to work in a particular place. Like some people like a peaceful environment in small cities, while some people want an atmosphere like a metro city.

Therefore, before the Resignation from the current job, you must know about the Place of Posting in that office for which you are going to resign.

It happens in some department that their headquarter is in a good city but their branches or divisions are in small cities or towns.

In such a situation, if you want posting only in the city, then it will become very difficult for you. According to the requirement, the office can transfer you to these small cities also.

Therefore, before resigning from the current job, find out whether the branches or divisions of the department of the second job are in such places which you do not like.  

Technical Resignation:

If you want to take some benefits of the job you are doing in the next job as well, then definitely keep in mind about Technical Resignation.

We will give detailed information about what is Technical Resignation in another article.

For the time being, we want to tell in brief that under Technical Resignation, some benefits of your current job are added to the next job. Like benefits in your Seniority, carry forwarded of Leave Balance to next job, benefit of Pay protection etc.

This keeps on getting benefits throughout your service period.

Is it easy or difficult to pass the Departmental Examination:

In almost all government departments, there are departmental examinations for promotion. But in some departments, the method of this examination is such that it becomes difficult to pass it properly.

For example, here we want to tell about the confirmation exam of Tax Assistant in GST Department.

There are 5 papers in this exam, some with books and some without books. Among them there is also a paper of GST which becomes very difficult for a Tax Assistant, because he does not have any experience related to GST but has to take the exam.

Not only this, in this department, where Inspectors get a chance to give confirmation exam twice a year, a Tax Assistant gets only one once a year.

Due to this, a Tax Assistant faces difficulties in passing the Departmental Examination and if he does not clear this exam within a stipulated time period, his increment is also stopped.

Therefore, before resigning from your current job, you must know all about departmental exams in that job you are going to join. Only after knowing about such exams take a good decision.  

How is Nature of Work:

Nature of work not only affects your lifestyle but also your health. Therefore, definitely compare the nature of work of both the jobs.

If you think you can work in any situation then no problem. But it becomes very difficult for those who want to work only in a particular situation.

For example, if a person likes to do table work in the office, then someone does field work.

Also, see whether the way of working is according to your nature or not. If a person is of a shy type, then he will definitely find it difficult to do the job in which he has to work boldly.

In such a situation, if you do a job contrary to your nature in the pursuit of good grade pay, then it will not be very good for your job future.

Therefore, at the time of Resignation from the first job, it must be seen whether the second job is suitable for you or not.


If you are doing a government job and during the same time your selection gets done in a good position in another government job, then it is a big deal for you.

But in the pursuit of a good position, you have to take care of some important things before resigning from your first job.

Some of these important things have been mentioned in the above article.

Like- take care of pay protection, what is the distance of other office from home town, what are the opportunities for promotion and transfer, where will your posting be done, whether departmental examinations are held on time or not, how is the nature of work etc.

If you keep these important things in mind, then you can decide for yourself that how much Resignation is suitable for you from your previous government job.  

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