Procedures After Getting Selected for a Government Job

Most of the students who are preparing for a government job, are interested to know the Procedures After Getting Selected for a Government Job.

Especially it is very important to know for those students who are selected for the government job for the first time.

We will give information about what are the post-selection procedures in Government Job and how to join Government Office, one by one here in this article.

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Procedures After Getting Selected for a Government Job

Joining letter:

A few days after the final result, a joining letter is received, which contains the name of the office where the joining is to be done.

There is a date in the joining letter within which you have to join.

You can extend this date under special circumstances. As if your health is not good that time or you are working in some other office and that office is not able to relieve you.

But you try to join the office as soon as possible. It is beneficial during your job. Even delay a single day to join office could harm your some benefits during service period in future.

Joining Office:

Joining has to be done by going to the office mentioned in the joining letter. At the time of joining, you have to carry all your necessary documents.

Like from Schooling Certificate to Caste Certificate (if you come in reserved category).

After a few days of joining many offices, work allocation is done and you are allotted a section.

It depends on the office. The office where you join and if it has only one office, then no problem, you will be given posting there.

But if there are other branches or divisions of that office, then you may be posted in that branches or divisions also.

This branch or division can be in another city also. Therefore, find out about them at the time of joining.

Document verification:

As mentioned above, at the time of joining, you have to carry your necessary documents. All your documents are verified at the time of joining.

In this it is checked that the person joining is you. Keep in mind that at the time of joining, sign the same as you did while filling the examination form.

Because the office has all the documents along with your examination form, which you had put while filling the examination form.

At the time of joining, you have to fill your family details in a form. Therefore, before going to join, some important details of your family members should be noted on a paper.

Keep in mind that never give wrong details at the time of joining otherwise it may become a problem for you in future. This becomes even more important when you have dependents.

Service Book:

Opening your service book is the job of a specific section of that office. This work is usually done near the Accounts section.

This service book has two parts. The first part consists of your personal file which contains the forms filled by you at the time of examination and the documents attached with them.

The documents filled by you at the time of joining are kept in this part. In the second part, the documents to be kept in the first part are written. Such as joining details, home town declaration, leave details etc.

Work allocation:

After joining, work is allocated for you, that is, in which section of the office you have to work.

While allocating the work, either a section is given whose full responsibility is on you or a specific work of a section is allocated.

This work allocation is done by the head of that office i.e. head of office. After allocating the work you are ready to work.

Bank Account Opening:

After joining, your bank details are taken from you in which your salary is to be known.

If you already have a bank account then you can use it as salary account otherwise you will have to open a bank account.

Nowadays it has become very easy to open a bank account, so you will not face any problem in this.

Often some or the other bank will be found near the government office in which account can be opened easily.

To apply for PRAN:

The full form of PRAN is Permanent Retirement Account Number.

As it is known, New Pension Scheme (NPS) was brought in place of Old Pension Scheme by the Central Government in January 2004.

Under this NPS, you are given an account number which is called Permanent Retirement Account Number ie PRAN.

You have to apply for it at the time of joining. The application form is available on the official website.

Information about NPS will be given in detail in another article.

All the procedures mentioned above are mostly followed in government offices. But there will be some such procedures which will be followed according to the office-office.

It depends on which department your office comes under. And also whether your office is under central government or state government.


The procedures to be followed at the time of joining the government office are very important.

A single mistake made by you in this procedure can harm you in future.

So at the time of joining, follow the above procedures correctly. Make sure that you do not give any wrong information or hide any information from the office.

Provide as much correct information as is available at the same time and after taking correct information about whom you have doubts, make it available later.

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