SSC CGL Tier 3 Exam Preparation Tips for Freshers

SSC CGL Tier 3 Exam was introduced in 2017 by Staff Selection Commission to test the knowledge about current events around the world as well as to test writing ability of the candidates.

While Tier 1 and Tier 2 exams are of multiple choice type, Tier 3 exam is of descriptive type and candidates have to write the answers in detail.

If you are fresher i.e you have just started to prepare for SSC CGL Exam then you must know about Tier 3 Exam pattern and preparation strategies.

In this article we will tell you the exam pattern of SSC CGL Tier 3 and also give some important tips to prepare this exam.

Importance of SSC CGL Tier 3 Exam

Staff Selection Commission removed Interview from all its exams in 2017 and added one more stage in place of interview and that is Tier 3 exam.

Through this paper commission test the knowledge of a candidate as well as it is also tested that the ability of a candidate to express his opinion on a subject in less words.

You have not only qualify this paper also you should keep in mind to score good marks to get selected finally. Because marks obtained in this paper are added to the marks of Tier 1 and Tier 2 obtained by you.

That’s why this stage becomes very important for a candidate who wants to get higher rank in SSC CGL Examination.

SSC CGL Tier 3 Exam Pattern

If you want to prepare for any kind of government job well, then first you should be aware of the that exam pattern.

So, first we will tell you the exam pattern of SSC CGL Tier 3 Descriptive Paper.

Since you have to write answers in details, your writing style should be very good and also you have to give some important data while writing answers. If you practice writing regularly then you can improve your writing skill and definitely score good marks.

Now, let us know the SSC CGL Tier 3 Exam Pattern-

This exam is conducted offline and candidates have to write answers on paper.

There are two parts or two sections of this paper. In the first part candidates have to write an Essay on any given topic. In the second part also, candidates have to write a letter or application on given topic. Precise writing is also asked in second part of the paper.

The exam duration of this paper is 60 minutes and the total marks is 100. For the first part i.e. for Essay writing, 50 marks are allocated and for the second part 20 marks for letter or application writing and 30 marks for precis writing.

The questions of this paper are asked in both the languages i.e. Hindi and English but candidates have to write answers in one language.

Type of answer sheet

The answer sheet provided in this exam is totally different from other descriptive exams. This is not a plain paper or ruled paper and boxes are drawn on this paper.

Candidates have to write answers in the boxes drawn on the answer sheet and the important point you should note that you are permitted to write one word in one box only.

If you want to write a Punctuation like comma, inverted comma, full stop etc. after a word then you can write punctuation in the box containing that word. It means, you are not permitted to use a single box only for a single Punctuation mark.

Preparation strategy for SSC CGL Tier 3 Paper

As we have mentioned above that the commission tests your knowledge along with your writing skill. So, if you want to score good marks in this paper then you have to improve your writing skill.

If you think that you have written a lot of essays and letters during academic examination and you do not need to give more time to prepare for this paper then it will be very harmful to you.

So, if you want to score good marks in this paper then prepare it seriously and start practicing now.

Here, we will tell you a right strategy to practice for improving writing skill.

Before practicing, first you have to collect some important topics on which you will write essay or letter.

We expect that you have cleared the Tier 1 and Tier 2 exams and you are going to prepare for Tier 3 exam. So, you have a good experience to select a best publication for SSC CGL Exams.

In the market many publications are there who publish their books for Tier 3 also. So, select a good book from these publications and start practicing.

You do not need to go anywhere to collect important topics. You can note down important topics from these books. Also read newspaper daily to be aware of current events around the world.

So, you should definitely solve the practice sets of any good publication like Arihant or Kiran publication.

Previous year question papers are also very helpful to prepare for any government exam. So, along with practice sets you should also solve the previous year question papers. When you see the previous year question papers, you will get an idea that which type of questions are asked in this exam.

The second important thing is do not practice on plain or ruled paper. Since, you will have to write answers on boxed drawn paper. Therefore use the sheet for practicing on which boxes are drawn.

You can make this type of sheet if you have plain paper. Draw appropriate sized boxes on plain paper and practice on it. Also, you can make many copies of this sheet and keep practicing. You do not need to purchase this type of sheet from market and you can save you money.

When you are practicing this descriptive paper then you should keep in mind the time limit. Since, the exam duration of this paper is 60 minutes, so, when practicing to write the answers, you should try to write all answers in 60 minutes.

Word limit is also very important for this exam. You have to write appropriate answers in less words. The word limit for writing Essay is 250 words and for letter 150 words. If you answer in more words than need, there are very few chances of getting good marks. So, you have ‘To say a lot with a few words’.

To write a good answer, first of all, see the model question papers and read the answer given on a topic. Then write the same answer in your own words. This will help to improve your writing skill as well as recall the data.

If you are practicing on a current affairs topic then read the newspaper and note down the important data and then start practicing.

When you observe the previous year question papers then you will see that the most of the questions are asked from current issues like social issues, political issues, environment issues, science and technology, economy etc.

You can practice to write essay on current issues from newspaper. While practicing from newspaper note down the all important data and make a short note of these data for revision before exam.

If you give some important data while writing essay, then you may get more marks. So, during the practice of writing essay, keep yourself updated with data. Only the current data is not important, you must remember the data of the last one year.

Now we will talk about most important thing of writing essay or letter which is structure. While writing an essay, a letter or an application during exam, always keep in mind the structure.

When you start writing essay, first you should tell about the topics in few words. This will be introduction of topic on which you are going to write essay. So, this part of the essay is very important.

After a brief introduction, start writing paragraphs and put some important data if required. Again we will tell you that while writing essay do not cross word limit.

At the end, write conclusion in a few words. This is also very important like introduction.

For letter writing the same structure you have to follow. In the first part write the address, in second part give your thought or explain your problem as per the subject of topic.

Language of your answer should be clear and simple as far as possible. If you use complex sentences you may not be able to express yourself easily.

Grammar is very important for writing essay, letter or application. If you make grammatical mistakes then no matter how well you write a letter or hove much give data, you will not get good marks.


If you practice well for SSC CGL Tier 3 exam you can score good marks and get a higher rank in merit list. As we have told you that this paper is not only for qualifying this exam but also the marks obtained by you in this paper are added to make merit list.

So, practice well before examination and don’t ignore it thinking you already know a lot about writing essay, letter or application.

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